Dylan is a designer from Seattle and he works for Microsoft. He creates user experiences and front-end code.

Dylan is a designer from Seattle and he works for Microsoft. He creates user experiences, and front-end code.


Dylan Kilgore
Dylan's approach to UX/UI challenges is a result of the culmination of his years as a graphic designer. His work has been presented, tested and shipped by companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, the University of Washington, Seattle area small businesses and volunteer organizations. He has worked in corporate environments, agency settings and for his own small business, Beneficialmedia, LLC.


Office Mixmore_vert
Office Mixclose

Dylan worked with his fellow designers at Microsoft on Office Mix, a PowerPoint product that provides everything you need to easily create and share interactive online videos. Create a Mix!

Microsoft Designmore_vert
Microsoft Designclose

Microsoft had a business need for an external-facing website. The site had two main business goals, the first was to promote Microsoft as a place of collaboration and innovation, the second to recruit prospective talent. Dylan teamed-up with a designer from Office and based upon static images the designer created using Adobe Illustrator, Dylan designed animations, interactions and developed this website from the ground-up. It may be viewed here.

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Native Healthclose

Dylan was given visual composites created in Adobe Photoshop and was tasked with developing an easily maintainable WordPress theme using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache and PHP for the folks at Partnerships for Native Health non-profit organization.

Crystal Lightmore_vert
Crystal Lightclose

During his time with Amazon, Dylan has created many IAB compliant display ads. However, one unique offering of Amazon’s is a prominent ad placement on their Kindle tablet’s wake screen. Dylan designed this ad for Crystal Light.

Network Villiansmore_vert
Network Villiansclose

Dylan created illustrations and storyboards as part of a new business acquisition for Metia Solutions, Inc.

Wayzgoose 2013more_vert
Wayzgoose 2013close

AIGA Seattle, the School of Visual Concepts and the Henry Art Gallery partnered to create the poster design request and call for entries for the 2013 Steamroller Smackdown! What is the 2013 Steamroller Smackdown? Large posters created by the Seattle design community are printed with the help of a large piece of construction equipment. Dylan designed this poster for the event.

Cover Girlmore_vert
Cover Girlclose

Dylan worked with another designer to implement a custom hero banner for Covergirl on their product destination page featuring looks on Amazon.com inspired by the Hunger Games movie franchise. Dylan was responsible for creating an HTML rich media experience complete with video, carousel, animations and custom navigation.


Dylan designed this Amazon.com Kindle ad for Eucerin. He was also responsible for selecting and retouching the lifestyle image of the baby used in the overall campaign.

Fresh Paintmore_vert
Fresh Paintclose

Dylan was the sole application prototyper for the recently shipped Fresh Paint App for Windows. He contributed the UX design process and was responsible for delivering UI to the development team. The tools Dylan used were XAML, C#, WinJS (HTML, JavaScript and CSS). The application may be found here.


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